Assoc visit to Linton camp to restore old guns, , 24-26 March 2017

A message from the CO 16 Fd, to the Assoc, and some photos from the weekend. 

Can I just pass on my appreciation, on behalf of all of 16 Fd, to the RNZAA members who turned up to the unit this weekend to do some work on our old guns.
They’ve done a sterling job, in spite of the weather, to maintain the guns around the unit.
Thanks all those involved.


Lieutenant Colonel Ben Bagley
Commanding Officer
16th Field Regiment, RNZA

Photos from Jack Mills, Chris Morriss, and the RSM.

L to R: RSM, Colin Davison, Chris Morriss

Danny McCort

L to R: Ivan Goile, Jack Mills, Mike Dickson

L to R: Peter Fraser, Wayne Burns.