`The Long Tan Cup`

16 Field Regt Rugby League Trip Australia

16 Fd Regt are currently planning a rugby league trip to Australia in October 2013. They  will play 6RAR and 1 Fd Regt- a Long Tan Cup is the prize.

The trip is being funded by the players themselves, and we think it would be a nice gesture to the serving soldiers if Association members could help support the trip.

We already have donations from a couple of Members, and if you would like to help out, please send a cheque to the Treasurer, PB 110107, Auckland Hospital, Auckland 1148, or make a Direct Credit by internet Banking to our Bank Account; RNZA Assn KiwiBank 38-9007- 0694501-00 (please use Reference `League Trip`).

Be it ever so small, it is the thought of ex-gunners supporting serving gunners which counts.Lots of small donations can become one reasonable size donation.

I would like to set a target of $1000, and hope that with your support we might be able to double that!!.

Be a part of the `Long Tan Cup` challenge, and share in the glory (or otherwise) of the 16 Field Regt Rugby League Team.

Go the mighty Gunners! (my apologies to the Mad Butcher for stealing his logo).


Tony McLeod
President, RNZA Association