Article Wellington Gunners - Dawn Gun for Gunners Day at Trentham Camp


Tena Katou Katoa,

As part of the Gunners day celebrations I am assisting 16 Fd Regt in marking this occasion with a Dawn Gun in Trentham Camp. You are all welcome to come to celebrate and view the firing of 3 rounds, along with other locations around the country the details are as follows:

Now-21 May - please email me if you intend to attend.
26 May - RV at the main gate NLT 0530
                - 0600 in place ready to Fire
                - 0620 activity completed
                - 0630 Rum and Coffee in the Trentham WO and SGT Mess
                - 0730 Complete

If you wish to attend please let me know through this means ( and I will meet you all at the gate and take you to the location.