RNZA Historical Trust

The RNZA Historical Trust is a registered charitable trust which will own, preserve, protect and enhance items of importance to the RNZA including research material, historical records, artefacts, trophies, collections and memorabilia. The initial items will be the collections held as unit private property of RNZA units and sub-units throughout New Zealand.

The initial steps are to record, refurbish and manage such items, and to encourage the donation and collection of any items with historical interest to the RNZA.  The Trust will own the items, but they will largely be left in the keeping of the various units and sub-units that currently hold them. This is an important step in the preservation and promotion of our heritage.

The permanent trustees will be those holding the appointments of Colonel Commandant, Regimental Colonel of the RNZA, CO 16 Field Regiment, RSM 16 Field Regiment, and President of the RNZA Association. Initially there will be up to another five trustees appointed, and these are listed on subsequent pages, together with the Trust Deed.

Trust Deed

RNZA Historic Trust Deed.pdf


RNZA Historical Trust Trustees meet at 16 Field Regt on 11 July 2014;

Back Row L-R; WO1 Wayne Mcasey (RSM), David Weston, Tom Roche, Kerry Lee, Tony McLeod
Front Row L-R; Col Barry Dreyer, Rob Munro (Chmn), Lt Col Andrew Shaw (CO).
Trustees not in photo; Lt Damian Jaques, Lt Michael Doughty

"Inaugural" Trustees of the RNZA Historical Trust; 24 July 2012

Mathew David Weston Trustee, Commanding Officer, 16 Field Regiment
Barry Dreyer Trustee, Colonel Commandant, Royal NZ Artillery
Anthony Roscoe Mcleod Trustee, President, RNZA Association
Evan Kareko Trustee, RSM, 16 Field Regiment
Graham Birch Trustee, Chairman, RNZA Historic Trust
David Thomas Weston Trustee
Thomas Roche Trustee
Kerry Fredric Lee Trustee, Curator
Michael George Doughty Trustee
Damien Michael Jaques Trustee