Support Programs for Serving Members

The RNZA is constantly looking for ways to establish and maintain relevance for the serving gunners. This may be an ever changing smorgasbord of ad hoc activities, but one ongoing initiative includes greeting cards (with a small gift) being sent to Gunners serving overseas at Xmas time.
There are two Support Programs which have now been formalised; the `Mentor Program` and the` Transition Program`.

Mentor Program

The aim of the Mentor Program is for Association members to provide advice and guidance to YOs and NCOs within 16 Field Regiment.

Execution.The President of the Association and the CO 16 Field Regiment identify members (not serving) who are deemed to be suitable to provide wise counsel to serving soldiers. They will have had successful gunner careers themselves, and will be in a position to relate to the experiences which the serving soldier is going through.

Officers; When a Young Officer graduates into the RNZA he/she will be allocated a mentor. The YO will receive a letter of introduction from the mentor, providing them with all the mentors contact details. It is then entirely up to the discretion of the officer as to when/ or if they wish to contact their mentor. The mentor will receive contact details for his allocated officer and should initiate contact with the officer at least once per year to ensure the relationship is seen to be in place, even though the officer may not need advice from their mentor.

NCOs. Mentorship for NCOs will be provided on an `as required` basis. This mentorship will be coordinated between the CO/RSM 16 Field Regt and the President, RNZAA.
Any discussions or correspondence between mentor and mentoree are treated strictly confidentially and the mentoree must be confident that nothing which is said in confidence will find its way back to the command chain. The advice should be `without agenda` from the mentors point of view, and directed towards the mentoree`s overall best interests.  Any other serving officer or soldier may also be allocated the services of an Association Mentor. This will be at the direction and discretion of the Commanding Officer.

The Mentor Program was established in 2012 and will be developed in a slow but steady manner. It is identified as having significant long term benefits to both the serving soldiers and the Association.

Transition Program

The RNZA Association has members who are employers, and members who are involved in the HR Recruiting Industry. These members could be of invaluable assistance to soldiers who are leaving the service, whether through redundancy or reaching the end of a contract. This service has been provided to soldiers in the past on an ad hoc basis, and with effect from 2012 it is intended to formalise that process. It is at the discretion and direction of the CO 16 Field Regiment as to who will be assisted by this program.

The aim of this program is to provide transition and employment assistance to Gunners of all ranks upon leaving the Regiment.The program is based on the standard `career appreciation` package used by HR Recruiting Consultancy firms.  16 Field Regiment will notify the Association when suitable personnel  will be taking their discharge. If they are interested in seeking assistance through this program, they will be required to complete a simple form indicating their intended settlement location and their desired area of work, and they will send this through to the Association. An interview, followed by completion of a `Career Appreciation Form` will be arranged, and then all efforts will be made to assist the soldier to get in touch with appropriate employers and employment agencies.

There can be no guarantees of success, but every effort will be made to help the soldier into employment.  There will be no cost to the soldier.