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Key upcoming events:

  • Gunner's Day, Sunday 26th May 2024.

  • 2024 RNZA Association AGM/Annual Reunion in Hamilton. Fri 18- Sun 20 October 2024.  Click here for details

  • St Barbara's Day, Wednesday 4th December 2024.


Muzzle Flashes

  • Hi Everyone

    29-31 October 1863 (2013) is the 150th (sesquicentennial) Anniversary of the Battle at Meremere in the Waikato north of Hamilton City.

  • We regret to inform of the passing of Tony Tustin. A Character in his own right.

    The funeral is in Blenheim Tuesday 12 March at the Cloudy Bay Funeral Home and anyone who lives in that area could you please help his daughter Christine.

  • Hi Everyone

  • 41824 Gerald Vita (Gerry) SOUTHON ex 1RNZIR 1969-71 Malaysia, 161 Bty 1966-67 and V5 1970-71 SVN, passed away at Whakatane, on Wednesday 6 March 2013 aged 66.

  • We are trying to confirm that the above passed away on the 5th of Mar The Tangi is to be on Sat at 1100 hrs at MATATA.

    The only info we have at this stage comes from a lady (prob related to a vet) We have been unable to confirm from any other source at this stage


  • Greetings Gunners

    I am down with Graham Birch and he is not well at all. Our prayers and thoughts are with Graham and his family gathered with him.

    If you intend calling, phoning or sending a note you should do this now rather than later.

    Barry Dreyer

  • Dear Fellow Gunners

    The RNZA Historical Trust was established on 26 September 2012.(Please see the RNZA Association website for a copy of the Trust Deed and a list of the inaugural trustees).

  • It is our sad duty to let members know that Graham`s melanoma has spread and the prognosis is not good. Graham will have his family members gathering around him in these his final days.

  • Jeff will be lying in state at his home from Monday 25th Feb until Wednesday Morning.

    Service a to be held Wed 27th  @ 1300hrs
    Fountains Funeral Service
    Cnr Elliot and Wood Street

    Gathering at RSA after for Tea & Coffee

  • We regret to inform that Jeff Waters passed away peacefully this afternoon at Middlemore Hospital, a shock to all despite knowing he was gravely ill.

    RIP Jeff Waters

    Lest We Forget.

  • Australian television viewers are in for a bit of a surprise if they read the credits of a forthcoming episode of their popular TV series ‘Underbelly’.   They will see that the band in the background playing their iconic tune ‘Waltzing Matilda’ is none other than our own Band of The Royal Regimen

  • Since Friday when he was at a real low he has perked up somewhat and importantly his kidney's seem to be working better and he (and the antibiotics) are fighting the infection in his lungs.

  • Unfortunatly Arch Hill has been double booked on Feb 22nd so the ANR Ass evening has been cancelled.  The Speaker for the evening will be rescheduled for another date.

  • Jeff Waters is extremely ill in Middlemore hospital and the current situation with Jeff is not good. He has cancer of the esophagus, his kidneys are not working properly and he has pneumonia.

  • Jeff Waters is back in Middlemore Hospital, ward 32 North room 222. 

    Jeff is putting on a brave face and has a positive attitude.