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The RNZA Association Q Store is OPEN

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Orders and enquiries

Update 15 March 2018

**For ordering details and other useful information see the bottom of the page.**

Polo Shirt: Gunners logo on right breast with Gun crest on left $65.00 each. Black with red piping and embroidered logos.


   Due to the manufacturer having a minimum order qty requiring the Assn to have paid purchase requests for 10 or more shirts there may be a reasonable lead-time between placing/paying for and receiving your shirt.
Fleece Beanie $30.00 inc post
NAME TAG:  Laser etched with gold lapel pin permanently affixed. Remember to advise prefered name to be etched on it. $35 each   
LAPEL PIN:  $10.00 each
RNZAA Baseball Cap Type A: Embroidered Gun Crest on Black, this is the original old style individually made to order. $39.00 each
 RNZAA Baseball Cap type B:  New style, Black with red piping and embroidered Gun crest. $35.00 each.

RNZAA COFFEE MUGS: Cobalt blue with gold print. $25.00 each

Royal NZ Artillery bumper sticker. 70mm X 70mm UV resistant for up to two
years (Give or take). $5.00 each, free-post in NZ.

13 Tac Sign bumper sticker. 90mm X 90mm UV resistant for up to two
years (Give or take). $5.00 each, free-post in NZ.

RNZAA Blazer Pocket Patch - edged & ready for adding to jacket. $20 each, free-post in NZ.
Tee Shirt quick-dry, breathable sports fabric. $45.00 inc post

Ordering details and other useful information:

  • Post is included within New Zealand.
  • Some items are made to order but requests for items (Such as name tags) will not be placed with our vendor/manufacturers,
  • nor items dispatched to prospective purchasers until payment has been identified as received by the purchaser.
  • Purchasers will have 14 days from placement of order to furnish relevant payment, after which the order will be deemed
  • void. Remember to advise all relevant details when placing an order.
  • Correct name, size where relevant, and delivery address.
  • When making payment remember to include your name AND the item being purchased in the reference fields for the RNZA
  • account so the treasurer can identify who and what the payment is for.
  • We are working on additional items as well as the future promotion of items available from the 16th Field UPF to create a
  • central point of purchase, so keep an eye on this and the Website Q-Store pages for future developments.