A Boer War story involving a NZ soldier later to serve in NZ Artillery

From: Wayne Barrie (Australia) email:  jawa5355@bigpond.net.au

I am to visit NZ, OCT 17 to the 28th.

I have researched a heroic event in the Boer war full of Anzac spirited intent. I can name all 22 men in a patrol on that day, and have photos of each man. Included is a New Zealander within a Tasmanian unit,

The AWM still lists him as a native Tasmanian.  My research shows he was born, grew up, wed, lived, worked and passed away in NZ.  This man won a gallantry medal in this specific event, but NZ apparently knows little or nothing of the man.  
I am trying to bring this story back to the attention of NZ.  I have a lot of detail, considerably more than the history books.  It is a terrific and entertaining story. 

My visit will touch on Wellington, but predominantly be Southland orientated, based in Dunedin.  In addition this man was a NZ Artillery officer for a short time. Would anyone within your group be interested to see the whole story?

Just a thought.  Kind regards 
Wayne Barrie   0061 402051598