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This is the official website of The Royal New Zealand Artillery Association, presenting the Association and the artillery of New Zealand.

The Royal New Zealand Artillery Association was formed in 1934 as an advocacy group in welfare matters for both serving and non-serving New Zealand Gunners. It is a medium for continuing Gunner camaraderie, keeping in touch with and bringing together both present and past soldiers who have served the guns.

Today, the Association's members are active in maintaining an effective support network; participating in reunions and gatherings; preserving historic sites, archives, equipment and memorials; attending commemorations and parades; sponsoring trophies and awards; and encouraging public awareness and interest.

RNZA Historical Trust

RNZA Historical Trust Trustees meet at 16 Field Regt on 11 July 2014;
Back Row L-R; WO1 Wayne Mcasey (RSM), David Weston, Tom Roche, Kerry Lee, Tony McLeod
Front Row L-R; Col Barry Dreyer, Rob Munro (Chmn), Lt Col Andrew Shaw (CO).
Trustees not in photo; Lt Damian Jaques, Lt Michael Doughty


Gunners on ANZAC Day

Vietnam:  Gnr’s Assn and EVSA wreaths that I laid at Long Tan Cross.  Regards, Mayne Manson

Bagdad:  Only me and some fellow kiwis, ozzies and brits in Baghdad.  Tom O’Reilly

Adelaide:  John Wasson and Bob (Kruger) Kinzett) main parade

Browns Bay:  A few of the Gunners present including WW2 veterans at the Browns Bay ANZAC Parade (L-RTony McLeod, Anthony McLeod, Backrow; Bill Stewart, Mike Dakin, Bill Brown (WW2),Front row; Bevan Haysom (WW2), John Foote (WW2), Lloyd Bell-Booth (WW2), Colin Jansen

Christchurch: Local Gunners at the dawn service in Christchurch. (3 Fd Regt standard bearer Mickey Fitzgerald, wreath Allan McClure, with Max Newman and Skin Frances)


From Bill Middleton, a retired RNZIR officer and long time resident in New York.  “It was a not too unpleasant 41 degrees F at 0530 on ANZAC Day when we held our annual Dawn Service at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in lower Manhattan looking out over the East River as the sun rose across the water. About 250 attendees appreciated another moving ceremony with bagpipers and bugler.  Then on Sunday at 1030 we held the second service on the roof of the British Empire Building at the Rockefeller Centre and a photo of that ceremony is attached.  The  building is on Fifth Ave at 50th Street and you will see in the photo looks directly across at Saks Fifth Avenue (as identified on their shopping bags as SFA!) and on the left of the photo, the southern entrance of St Patrick's cathedral can be seen.  From 1941 until about seven years ago we had just the one service at Rockefeller Centre on the Sunday closest to ANZAC Day, but as the number of attendees grew, we were forced by the fire authorities to limit the number and introduce a ballot for attendees. This was a most unsatisfactory situation to have to turn Aussies and Kiwis away, so we started the Dawn Service on ANZAC Day to provide alternatives and this has worked extremely well. We do still need a ballot for the Sunday service but we do provide preferential entry for those with current or former service and others who miss out on the ballot do have the option of attending the Dawn Service. “