Muzzle Flashes

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Key upcoming events:

  • 32 Echo Bty Sesquicentennial (150 years) events 2017, South Island. Christchurch. Dec 1st and 2nd, 2017. Click here for provisional list of attendees. Click here for latest update, proposed program, and prices.

  • Proposed RNZA Assoc Northern Gunners visit to Wellington. Te Papa WW1 exhibition, Pukeahu National War Memorial, etc. 4th-7th December 2017. Click here for more details.

  • St Barbara's Day, Monday 4 December 2017.

  • Gunners Day, Saturday 26 May 2018.

  • RNZAA 84th Annual Gathering and AGM 2018.  Location and Dates to be advised.

Muzzle Flashes