Suppor​t Agencies

The many agencies in New Zealand include advisory and personal services that members may wish to contact or use to meet day-to-day needs - for example, Government agencies, retirement homes, in-home care, and wide-ranging advice and services.

These agencies are listed here under four headings: ​Advice - Health - Home and Residential Care - Law. More will be added as they come to notice.


RNZA Assn advisers

Advisers in Northern, Central and Southern Districts
Local RSAs  
Veterans' Affairs NZ Veterans' Affairs New Zealand meets the Government's obligation to veterans, by providing policy advice to the Government and delivering services to the veteran community.
Citizens' Advice Bureaus A very wide range of advice   -check here or phone 0800 367 222 
Making a will Based on an article published by Consumer magazine (3 Sep 2012)



Healthline Phone 0800 611 116 to discuss a health question with a Registered Nurse.

Disability Resource


The Disability Resource Centre is a not-for-profit, community focused organisation committed to meeting the needs of disabled people, older persons and their families/whanau.


Home and Residential Care

Senior Line

How to get help to remain in your own home; relief care for caregivers; long term care in rest homes; and more . . .