A book worth reading - a daughters story about dealing with her fathers PTSD

A book worth reading:  Enemy by Ruth Clare published by Viking 2016

This is a very recently published book by the daughter of an Australian National Serviceman who was deployed to South Vietnam with 1 RAR in early 1968, and who fought at Coral in May that year.

The book describes the effect on the wife and family of the soldier while he suffered from PSTD resulting from his experiences on active service. It took some twenty plus years for the author to realise the cause of the violent behaviour of her father, and to develop some strategies that allowed her to cope, and live a more normal life. Some of the descriptions are very graphic, and somewhat recognisable in people that I have, and do know.

Ruth eventually made contact with two groups (Vietnam Veterans Association, and Vietnam Veterans Counselling Service) that gave her an insight into what had happened to her father, and helped her, and her siblings, move on with their own lives.

This is a book that will provide a view on the causes and effects of PTSD and give some examples of what may help individuals and families facing this problem.