AGM/Reunion 2016: Medal presentations, Widows invited to Dinner and local Auclkand Gunners attendance

Dear fellow gunners

Just a couple of special points about the AGM/Reunion;

NZ Defence Service Medal Presentation. There will be a short medal presentation ceremony held after the AGM at about 11.45am on Sat 22 October at the ECB RSA by the Col Comdt Col Barry Dreyer. So if you have not yet had your NZ DSM presented formally, please let Bernie (Secretary, know if you would like to be included in this presentation ceremony. You will need to bring your medal with you to the AGM.

If you are eligible but have not yet received your medal, please go on-line and type in `apply for NZ Defence Service Medal`. The application forms are all there with very clear instructions on what has to be done. Time is getting short, so don`t delay.
Please note, you have to apply and bring the medal with you to the AGM. 

Widows invited to Dinner. We would like to make sure that members widows are not forgotten, and so we have a `Special Deal` of $65.00 for attendance at the dinner only. If anyone knows of any members widows who may be interested in attending, please make contact with both them and Bernie.

Auckland Gunners. Sometimes attendance at these functions by the `locals` is less than it could be. We would like to encourage as many locals to attend as possible, and for that reason we have set a dinner-only price at $80.00. So if the out-of-towners activities are of no interest, please don`t switch off the whole weekend, come along to the dinner and bring as many other gunners as you can find. If the sun is shining and the fish are biting out in the Gulf, you can still enjoy Labour weekend and the dinner!.

We`re looking forward to seeing a record attendance at this years Reunion. Remember it only happens in Auckland once every four years.

Regards to you all


Tony McLeod
RNZA Association