Auckland Coastal Defence Historical Trust: Can you assist?

From Barry Dreyer:

You may recall that I am on the Auckland Coastal Defence Historical Trust as a founding trustee.  We have tourism rights to North Head and Fort Takapuna from DOC, the essential part of which is the keys to the various gunner tunnels.

John Hyde (the Chair of the Trust) has now negotiated tours from visiting cruise ships – about ten ships in the next few months.

We are very keen to increase the pool of available guides to conduct tours.  We do have a core pool and this group will provide training and knowledge.
Tours are limited to 16 plus the guide and will last about 4 hours each group of 16.  The aim of the tours is to expand knowledge of the sites and the history of the defence of Auckland, as well as raise a small amount of money to help with the upkeep and restoration of the gunner locations at both sites.

If anyone is interested in becoming  a guide could you please email Barry and John Hyde at;

Barry Dreyer
John Hyde `