Gunner turning 100

This morning Danny and Bernie McCort helped celebrate the 100th birthday of WW2 NZ Artillery gunner Sgt Cyril Hart at his Rotorua rest home, and presented Cyril with a certificate of Appreciation and Congratulations from the Col Comdt, RNZA, and the President of The RNZA Association.

Many thanks for presenting the certificate Danny and Bernie, and for letting the association know about the occasion. Bernie said "He was very taken back by the gesture, but is a man of few words. Cyril served in the Div Arty in the Pacific during WW2. He was also a NZ Hockey rep in 1955. He told us that he was upset as he had to stop playing golf 2 years ago due to his health & his driving licence being taken away!!! He was on his way down to the lounge to show all his mates his certificate".


Chris Morriss,

RNZA Association