Gunners Day Greetings

Fraternal Gunners Day greetings to all in the Royal Regiment of New Zealand Artillery, those serving and those who have served the guns. Congratulations on your Anniversary Day. May it be relaxing and enjoyable and for those no longer serving, I hope it brings back good memories of comradeship, skill development and hard work – the marks of a good Gunner.

Gunners Day serves to remind us of the great traditions of our wider Corps, particularly across our sister Royal Regiments, our founding Regiment in the Royal Artillery,  and those allied Gunner Corps with whom we have fought and worked. Ours is a great tradition, formed by the RA and forged around serving the guns and our fellow man. May these traditions around hard work, comradeship and skill continue to develop in today’s Gunners and with them going forward.

Gunners Day is also a day of celebration of our Corps, our trade as Gunners, our combined history and our friendships across the years, as well as time to reflect on those of us lost and those suffering. It is also important to look forward and wish current Gunners and all future Gunners our best wishes and strength in carrying forward the great Gunner traditions.

May you have a good day of thought and celebration of Gunner things and comradeship.


Barry Dreyer
Colonel Commandant
Royal Regiment of New Zealand Artillery
New Zealand

May 2013