Gunners' Day, Papakura, 2013

From Graeme Black: 

This year I attended the first Dinner that was not arranged by Jeff Waters for some 17 years. This year Peter Anderson arranged it with help from others - the preparation, food and everything to do with the Dinner was an outstanding success, par excellence. Although the band was not there, due to costs, this did not pose any problem for the success of the evening. PETER, top marks for a job well done and good fortune for 2014. Sadly the 2014 Dinner can not be held on Gunner’s Day due to the restaurant being closed on a Monday. However, things could change, although the Dinner on a Saturday may attract more people.

To the people who attended the 2013 Dinner on their own, next year bring a partner if you can.

Betty Kerslake, Kitty Simeon, Peter Anderson